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Is the collar better for your dog or harness?
Collar vs. Harness – Which Is Better for Walking Your Dog?

by Lyubomira Petrova May 15, 2022

There has been an ongoing debate over what makes a better dog walking accessory – collar or harness. Read on to learn the pros and cons of each to decide.

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How to keep your dog cool in summer?
Summer Safety for Pets – Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

by Lyubomira Petrova May 08, 2022

Summer heat can get uncomfortable for both humans and their pet dogs. While you know how to beat the heat, read on to get some tips to keep your dog cool in hot weather.

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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pooch
The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pooch

by Lyubomira Petrova December 09, 2021

Your Pup is a part of your family, which means they’re also part of Christmas shopping. Read on to get some timeless Christmas gifts ideas for dogs!

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