How to choose the best clothes for your dog

How to Choose the Best Type of Clothing for Your Pup?

Clothes for dogs aren’t just for the fun of playing dress-up; they can also help protect them from rain, wind, and cold weather. However, choosing the right clothes for your pooch can be challenging. Though there’s a huge variety of dog clothes available on the market these days, not all of them are created equal. Some are designed for your pet friend’s safety and comfort, while others just make them look cute and please their owners and other humans around. You obviously want the ones that fit both categories. But how do you find those? Here’s how:

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Clothes

Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for dog clothes to ensure you’re making the best choice:

1.      The Size of Your Pup

Many dog clothes come with labels specifying breeds and/or sizes of dogs they would fit. However, you should still always measure your dog for clothes before shopping for them. This is because the accurate sizes can also vary among dogs of the same breed, and you don’t want your pooch to be uncomfortable in poorly fitting clothes.

If you’ve got a puppy, measure him/her every time before you go out clothes shopping for them as they can grow by days sometimes.

2.      Fabric

The rules for choosing fabric for dog clothes are largely the same as they are for us humans. You want fabrics that are good quality, i.e., soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and do not irritate their skin.

One thing different for dog clothes is that it’s best to get stretchy materials, so your four-legged friend doesn’t feel restricted and can move around easily. It’s not necessary, though. If you’re getting the right fit, your pooch shouldn’t have any problem with movement. Stretchy materials are a great choice for puppies, as they can make clothes fit your growing pup for longer.

Materials like cotton, spandex, and mesh are good fabric choices for dogs.

3.      Practicality

No matter how cute and stylish dog clothes are, they will only be a waste of money if they are not functional and practical as well. The two primary rules of practical dog clothing are that they shouldn’t restrict movement and should never impede urination and defecation. Especially for male dogs, look for clothes with higher cutouts around the groin and stomach area.

Some other things to look for in dog clothes to ensure practicality include the ease of putting on and off and choking hazards. You want items that do not require much effort to put on and off (for both you and your pup’s sake) and have nothing that could possibly pose a choking hazard.

4.      Style

Style may not be your topmost priority or consideration in pet clothes, but it’s as important as it is for your clothes. You can’t have your furry babies dressed in old-fashioned, boring clothes. You would rather not have them wear clothes than get those shabby ones that make your cute little pooch look like an old grandma. So, consider the design, style, and aesthetics that reflect your pet’s true personality. Whether you’re dressing them up for the gram or just to look cool on daily walks, there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing fashion and style as long as in addition to practicality.

The Sum Up

These are the three key factors to consider when buying dog clothes to ensure comfort. Style comes next and is personal to every dog owner.

Now that you know how to go about buying clothes for your four-legged friend how about you check out our latest dog clothes collection to get some new comfy and stylish outfits for the coming season?