For Dog Lovers Ribbon Sweater

£25.99 GBP

 Make your dog look stylish and cute while keeping them at the same time warm with this classy ribbon color sweater. This sweater has an aura of sophistication and elegance about it. The red & grey, blue and yellow combinations create a unique and royal look. If your dog loves to wear snug winter clothes, this might become his or her favorite. Expect your pup to receive a lot of love in person and on social media when it’s spotted in this awesome sweater.

Product Sizes:

  • S Size: Chest-34cm, Length - 22cm, Neck-23cm, Weight-2kg
  • M Size: Chest-39cm, Length - 27cm, Neck-26cm, Weight-4kg
  • L Size: Chest-45cm, Length - 31cm, Neck-29cm, Weight-5kg
  • XL Size: Chest-52cm, Length - 35cm, Neck-33cm, Weight-7kg
  • XXL Size: Chest-58cm, Length - 39cm, Neck-37cm, Weight-10kg


Please allow 1-3cm differences in the sizes due to manual measurements.

Tip: measurements are approximate, we recommend sizing up if you are at the end of a size. Please allow for some extra space for your pooch. Drop us an email if you are unsure on sizing and we will be more than happy to help!

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